Il Profumo del Chianti è l’essenza della Toscana.

Profumo del Chianti is the essence of Tuscany. Salt and sun-dried aromatic herbs, dry and flavourful. That’s how the old Tuscans that I remember are, and there are still some: they’re dry, smooth, proud, they look straight ahead toward the essence of things, the harmony in beauty. The old Tuscans who have tasted this salt say it has the perfume of the woods, of summers in the fields, it has the flavour of family.

I was moved and thought that maybe I was one of them.

Essence of Chianti is great on all types of dishes, especially on meat.

A good use in cooking enhances and enriches the flavour of the prepared dish and it helps to consume less salt and to digest food more easily.

Salt and aromatic herbs in varying quantities.

Store at room temperature.

Once opened, store in a cool and dry place.