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For all of us who make the decision to eat meat, it should be fundamental to ensure that the animals whose body we feed on have received, both in life and in death, due respect as living beings. That they have lived in the sun, in the open air, eating good things and free to move and live the world around them, until the moment of their death, which must be as dignified as possible.

It is essential to respect the beast’s sacrifice as a unique and whole living being but composed of different parts, each of which has a certain flavor, a certain structure and certain qualities.

My mission is to learn how to use each of these parts to the fullest, giving each one the right care and attention, giving them time to become the best version of themselves, whether in the oven, in the pan, on the coals and so on.

On a cow, steaks on the bone make up only a small part of the whole animal, therefore we recommend following our philosophy of the LAW of the ANIMAL.

If you buy a Florentine steak (Bistecca Fiorentina) paired with a Panzanese steak of the same weight, the total cost per kilo will be € 26.00; for those not interested in following our philosophy,  costs are those shown on the price list.

For T-bone steaks we ask for a reservations at least one day in advance.

We understand certain needs and we try to satisfy everyone but, again, we do everything possible to use the animal at it’s fullest potential and we try to help our guests understand this in our two restaurants: Officina della Bistecca and Solociccia, where we serve a multitude of cuts, each prepared differently. If you don’t know how to prepare Panzanese steak or other unusual cuts, do not hesitate to get in contact us, we’ll have the great pleasure of giving you our best cooking tips.

It is highly recommended to book steaks at least a day in advance by calling +39055852020 or by sending an e-mail to ordini@dariocecchini.it

Thank you,

Dario Cecchini

To purchase meat please send a Whatsapp text to 3349973363 or send an email to ordini@dariocecchini.it


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