This is an opportunity to put an apron and go behind the scenes of the butcher shop,

sharing our daily work, with the chance to “get your hands dirty”

making our Chianti Butter, Cosimino, Garlic Sausages or whatever else we are working on that day.

You might see the preparation an Arista in Porchetta (roast side of pork)

or the cutting of our monumental Bistecche alla Fiorentina.

You can take notes and take pictures, if you wish.

Weather permitting we will have the pleasure of making a visit to

the small Chianina cattle ranch at the nearby Fattoria di Fontodi.

A butcher shop staff member will guide you, answering working with you and fielding questions.

After the hours spent at work, you are invited to sit down at our table.

Workshop from 10:00 to 13:00 – followed by lunch.
Price per person: € 200,00 . Workshops are offered from Monday to Friday only (excluding holidays), by reservation.



Please take note that, starting on January 1st 2019, the price of the BUTCHER FOR A DAY class will be €300,00 per person.

The lesson will be held exclusively  for your party.




Via XX Luglio, 11

Panzano in Chianti (Fi)

tel. +39 055 852020

fax +39 055 852700



You are booking a butcher workshop- Price per person:€ 200,00